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Otolaryngology - Fact and Fiction

Test your knowledge of common ear, nose and throat disorders and their treatment. Click on the question to reveal FACT or FICTION.

  • 1. Cotton swabs are a safe and easy way to clean wax from inside your ears.

  • 2. Reading in a moving car can cause motion sickness (make you "car sick").

  • 3. Hay fever is not caused by hay and does not cause a fever.

  • 4. Tonsils and adenoids filter bacteria out of what we swallow and breathe.

  • 5. A person can be trained or conditioned not to snore.

  • 6. You can "toughen up" your ears by continued exposure to loud noise.

  • 7. You should avoid speaking or singing when your voice is hoarse.

  • 8. You don't have to go swimming to get "swimmer's ear."

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